American Standard Silver 13 Air Conditioner System

American Standard Silver 13 Air Conditioner System.

A System That Works Smarter

Designed in a single cabinet, the Silver 13 packaged central air conditioner offers a compact design that fits in even the tightest spaces. This packaged air conditioner’s solid design guarantees your comfort year after year, making it an economical home cooling solution.

  • Up to 14.75
  • 1 cooling stage
  • Consistent comfort

Silver 13 Air Conditioner System Highlights

  • Save up to 38 percent on your cooling energy usage while reducing greenhouse gas emissions with this packaged air conditioning system.
  • Experience the quiet, efficient Vortica™ Advanced airflow System improves airflow throughout your home.
  • Reinforced all-steel cabinet and weather-beater top keep this packaged central air conditioner protected from the outdoor elements.