American Standard Silver 13 Packaged Heat Pump System

American Standard Silver 13 Packaged Heat Pump System.

A System That Works Smarter

The Silver 13 all-in-one HVAC unit’s reliable design will supply your home with affordable comfort all year long. Built to last, this all-in-one heat pump can save you money while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Solid efficiency
  • Consistent, worry-free comfort that’s easy on your wallet
  • Available in 3-phase operation only

Silver 13 Packaged Heat Pump System Highlights

  • This all-in-one heat pump saves up to 38 percent on your heating and cooling energy usage while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by surpassing government efficiency standards.
  • Vortica™ Advanced airflow System improves airflow while reducing energy use and operating sound
  • These all-in-one heating and cooling systems provide more efficient and reliable cooling, thanks to a single-row Spine Fin™ coil and durable Duration™ compressor
  • Stands strong with a reinforced all-steel cabinet and weather-beater top