American Standard PEAD Horizontal-Ducted Heat Pumps

American Standard PEAD Horizontal-Ducted Heat Pumps.

A System That Works Smarter

PEAD ducted units provide comfort and efficiency while staying hidden either in the ceiling or beneath the floor.

  • Small space heating and cooling
  • Quiet operation
  • Flexible, efficient comfort

PEAD Horizontal-Ducted Heat Pumps Overview

INVERTER-Driven Compressors

  • Maximizes energy savings by using only the energy needed to perfectly cool or heat an area

Easy Installation

  • Installs quickly and easily, without the need for major construction and remodeling

Complete Zone Control

  • Realizes maximum control and energy efficiency by cooling and heating only those spaces in use

Personal Comfort Control

  • Complete comfort control of temperature, fan speed, and air direction in each room or zone via kumo cloud® or other smart home devices

Cleaner Air With Washable Anti-Allergen Filters

  • Improves air quality and saves money

Hyper-Heating INVERTER® (H2i®) Heat Pumps

  • Provides instant warmth even in extreme climates (down to -13° F)

Ultimate Energy Efficiency

  • With higher SEER

PEAD Horizontal-Ducted Heat Pumps Highlights

  • Available capacities in kBtu/h: 09, 12, 15, 18
  • 18.6–19.4 SEER, 10.9–12.1 HSPF, INVERTER-driven compressor
  • Built-in condensate lift mechanism (up to 27-9/16″)
  • Static capability up to 0.60 in. wg
  • Option filter box with MERV-13 filters
  • Interlock with Lossnay
  • 2-stages of supplemental heat control