American Standard S8B1 Gas Furnace

American Standard S8B1 Gas Furnace.

A System That Works Smarter

Get efficient performance with the Anerican Standard S8B1 gas furnace.  A solid and reliable unit, this residential furnace is designed to provide affordable heating throughout your entire home.

  • Single-stage heating
  • Up to 80% AFUE

American Standard S8B1 Gas Furnace Highlights

  • The American Standard S8B1 furnace coverts up to 80 percent of the fuel that you purchase to heat your home.
  • Save on energy usage while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions* by significantly surpassing government efficiency standards.
  • This furnace provides comfort with its tubular, steel heat exchanger and patented Vortica II blower design.
  • With its heavy steel, AirTite cabinet this furnace is durable and holds in more heat to better warm your home.
  • Match your gas furnace with a heat pump to enjoy the energy-saving benefits of a hybrid system. In milder temperatures, your heat pump acts as the primary source of heat for your home. When the weather gets too cold, your system activates your furnace to deliver the heat you need.